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Top 500 Video Sharing Web Site List Alphabetical Order | Video Upload Download URL List

Video Sharing Websites List as alphabetical order | Video upload or download /download sites ascending or descending order.

More than thousand categories of video can be download/upload or download. There have free video and paid video sharing system. Monetize system can help you earning from video sharing depending on visits and PPC.How do you upload or download video? or download video? Yes , go to the link and follow the instruction of each sites . Why you upload or download or download video? Yes, you can share your video for others visitors . Or get traffic or monetize for earning.

A2Z Videos: — This is both public and private video sharing site.

ABCYouTube: — Available for mp3, mp4 video upload or downloading /downloading as like YouTube video downloads and conversions fast and simple. You have to add abc in front of any YouTube URL and the video will be instantly available for download in MP3, MP4, 3GP, and FLV formats.

AdEze: — Permits companies and advertisers to make video ads by combining video, audio, photos, and text. Formerly known as iBloks. — Amazon now permits customers to upload or download product video trimming reviews. Customers can use a webcam or video camera to record and upload or download reviews to Amazon.

AnimeCrazy: — Awesome features thousands of full-length anime episodes and movies or videos.

Animoto: — permits you have to make slide show videos using images and music/song you submit.

Any Clip: — Designed and develop to provide clips from renowned movies or videos. Still now limited with only a few old movies or videos. Check back periodically to watch if they've expanded the number of movies or videos. It would be a great source from full movie clips to build your own movie or short length video.

AOL Uncut Video: — You can browse audio ,videos by most popular,tags, category, most recent, location, highest rated.

AOL Video Search: — permits you to search by most viewed , visited or highest rated, various categories, various channels, and TV shows . Also permits video upload or downloads. AOL Attractive offers a special custom channel for viewing the AOL More 100 Music Videos.

Article Video Robot: — Cut/Copy and paste an article/content into this website and it converts it into a video so you can allot the article as a video. Simple to use. Only $47.00 per month for fifty videos.

Associated Content: — Now owned by!, this site commissions freelance writers and video producers to make content on different peakics. 2.27 million articles and videos from 350000+ contributors. Motto: Get published, touch millions, get paid.

Atom: — Web online comedy videos from TV networks like MTV Networks and Comedy Central. 1.8 unique monthly visitors. Encourages visitor to upload or download genuine comic videos, animations, and games. You could earn Pro Video status if visitor like your videos.

Atomic Wedgie TV: — Funny videos. A division of Frem

Babelgum: — A free internet TV platform supported by advertising, Babelgum combines the full-screen video quality of traditional television with the interactive capabilities of the Internet, Especially favors independent film, independent music, and underwater film. Also channels for nature, comedy, travel, and sport. The Babelgum player gives content owners with a relaxed platform on which to allot their programming global and a business model that permits them to monetize their assets. Sponsors the Babelgum Music Awards.

Barely Political: — The website behind the teenage girls , Obama Girl videos. Not user-generated videos.

Betawave: — Formerly known as GoFish. Attractive offers a network of partner websites featuring celebrity entertainment, extreme sports, cartoons, anime, and more. “Our network consists of a select group of youth-oriented publishers for whom we sell advertising and through which we can allot our genuine online video content. Betawave Attractive offers a comprehensive package of services to publishers including marketing services expertise, premium advertising, access to exclusive packaged content, reporting, and streamlined payment process.”

The Big 50 Videos: — Awesome features the peak 50 comedy, sports, and entertainment/movie videos. Also includes a hall of fame. They invite you to send them videos.

BigGlide: — Encourages users to show the world your talent. Lots of models. Alexa: unranked in September 2011.

Big Oven: — make and share your own cooking and food-related videos.

Big Think: — This interactive site permits you to browse, rate, and respond to the the opinions of celebrity experts. Also permits you to present your creative ideas. Alexa global rank: 88,363.

Blacksite Media: — Awesome features videos about paranormal events and doings.

Blastro: — Awesome features hip-hop videos and urban videos.

Blinkx: — Video search tool featuring 30 million hours of video. If you have video content on your website or blog, you can submit it for indexing via RSS to Blinkx at: or download.

Blip Snips: — permits users to tag YouTube videos with the key moments in the video so they can share those specific moments with other users. Alexa global rank: 769,699 in August 2010.

Blip TV: — Awesome features short, funny entertainment videos. They allow you to upload or download video via the website, an FTP address, a desk peak utility called Upper Blip, or your cell phone. You can also cross-post videos automatically to many blogging platforms. You can embed videos into your website as an image thumbnail,a pop-up window, a Flash player, or a new browser window. Plus you can provide viewers multiple video formats to download (Flash,cell phone playback, iPod, etc). Finally, BlipTV Attractive offers optional revenue sharing. Currently Awesome features 48,000 web shows and 22 million viewers.

BlueString: — upload or download and share photos, videos, and music from your PC. Just drag and drop to share. With StringIt, you can share your creative collections (for ex., from a wedding or other event) and then invite family and friends to add their own photos, videos, or music to add to the story. A service of AOL.

Bofunk: — Awesome features videos: awesome, cute,crazy, funny, nasty, interactive, painful, ridiculous, signs, stupid ideas, and what the heck.

BookCaster: — Awesome features book trailers and other book-related videos. You can add your own videos. Very new. Few videos (Sept 2009).

Book Screening: — Awesome features book trailers from authors and potential authors.

Bopsta: — An online lip-syncing competition where anyone can upload or download music videos. Formerly known as GoogleIdol.

Boxee: — The best way to enjoy video from the Internet or your computer on your TV.

Break: — Videos especially for guys whose ages between 15 to 35. 18 million unique visitors each month. They show 12 million videos per day. They have partnerships with Tivo, Lionsgate, NBC Universal, Vivendi Games, Twisted Pictures, Limelight Networks, and more. Break Attractive offers a full package of free services to website owners that will help drive traffic and increase your site's reach and ad revenue. You can embed every video on Break onto your web site with a customized embedded player. On Break you can also make a tricked out customized personal page where you can send updates to subscribers, post bulletins, and include links to your site for all the visitor who are finding you for the first time through Break. Their Girl of the Day widget permits you to have the hottest adult girls from all over the web delivered to your site every morning. Alexa global rank: 480 in October 2010.

Brightcove: — A video publishing website. They provide professional video services to MTV, Warner Music, and other big companies, but they also offer a personal video sharing service that is free. You can sign up for a Bright cove Network account to make money by sharing advertising revenue (50/50), offer downloads or rentals using AOL Video distribution (30/70 split), or third-party syndication programs. You can upload or download videos via the website or their desk peak Publish Pod application. Their Aftermix online free video editor lets you record directly from your webcam, adjust your videos, import videos from YouTube and others, and use images from Flickr and Facebook. Their Takeout Box widget permits you to make thumbnail listings to promote your Bright cove videos all across the web. Page rank of 8.

Bubble Cast: — gives widgets for forums, WordPress blogs, and websites to showcase videos -- and even allow visitors to immediately record a video and post it via the widget to your blog or site.

Bubble Guru: — With this service, you can make a pop-up video that appears when visitors come to a page on your website. Costs from $5.95 to $49.95/ month. Other serivces: Bubble Tweet,Bubble Comment, Bubble Joy, Bubble Testimonial, and VidTweeter. Alexa global rank: 1,152,674 in October 2010.

Bukisa: — A place to share how-to videos and articles (and earn money doing so. Alexa global rank: 7,243 on May 28th.

BuzzNet: — A video-sharing site that is part of the Video Egg ad network. Awesome features music, celebrities, pop culture in photos, music, and videos. Alexa global rank: 876 on April 30th.

Capzles: — make super slide shows incorporating photos, videos, music, other audio, and backgrounds. Viewers can view your entire production or browse thumbnails to select the sections they most want to view.

Castfire: — A specialty web video host that dynamically assembles video clips with video ads.

Castpost: — permits you to broadcast and blog your personal video and audio clips. Currently free with some ads. Page rank of 5.

Christian Book Videos: — The place to preview Christian and inspirational books. Alexa global rank: 1,644,183 on May 1st.

Clicker: — Aggregates video from all over the Internet, from TV shows to web genuine s.

Clip Chef: — Awesome features recipe videos. Not well promoted. Alexa global rank: 2,363,706 on April 30th.

ClipMoon: — Video sharing website with these categories: music, vehicles, pets/animals, cool ads, funny, cartoon, family, games, sexy, events, visitor, street, sport, fashion, business, travel, news, politics, science/technology, how-to. Alexa global rank: 78,062 on April 30th.

ClipShack: — permits you to upload or download video clips. Reality Digital is their hosted media platform for business customers. Alexa global rank: 87,105 on April 30th.

Clip Syndicate: — Search licensed professional video content from 300 providers, choose the most relevant video content for your site, embed a player directly into your site, and earn money from the featured content. You can also advertise with them and become a content provider.

Cold Hard Flash: — Awesome features flash animations. You can submit a link to animations you like or have make d.

College Humor: — 2.4 million unique visitors per month. Their biggest hit, PowerThirst 2, had 5 million views. Alexa global rank: 1,002 in August 2010.

Compulsive Traveler: — Videos for travelers by travelers. You can add a video of the day to your website. The online version of The Compulsive Traveler series on CBS. Alexa global rank: 1,352,120 in August 2010.

Constant Comedy: — Live comedy streaming videos as well as taped. Alexa global rank: 602,949 in August 2010.

Content Buzz: — permits users to easily join and submit on-going new videos to 50+ video hosting sites, 25 social book marketing sites, 15 social news sites, 25 photo sharing/blogging platforms, 10 podcasting directories, 10 peak RSS feed aggregators, 25 peak ping services, and 7 blogging platforms.

Crackle: — Formerly known as Grouper, this video-sharing website Awesome features contests and more. Owned by Sony Pictures, it is designed to discover and promote the stars of tomorrow. Their syndication network includes IPTV, RSS feed aggregators, social networks, and more. 2.8 million unique visitors per month. Their biggest hit, Mr. Delty and the Evil, had 2.8 million views. They spotlight a different web series each day of the week, from The Roadents to My Long Distance Relationship. It is Sony’s version of Hulu where you can watch free full length movies or videos, TV shows and genuine web series from your browser.

Crave Online: — Video, etc. for young generation. The Crave Online destination is made up of some of the most respected sites on the web including,,, and CraveOnline also includes automotive, sports, horror, music, lifestyle, gadget, humor and video sites. This vast collection of sites intersects at to provide users with the handpicked editorial and video content that young men crave.

Critical Past: — Awesome features 57,000 historic videos as well as 7 million photos (all royalty-free stock footage). But it costs to download the videos. Costly. Alexa global rank: 150,397 in August 2010.

Crunchy Roll: — Videos featuring anime, drama, cars, and games. Alexa global rank: 1,038 on May 1st.

Current TV: — Showcases independently produced videos on a TV channel. You can post your video on this site and, if it gets voted as a great video by enough visitor in the Current community, it will be showcased on the Current channel.

Cuts RiffTrax: — permits you to make or add new elements to existing online videos.

Dabble: - Aggregates video clips from YouTube, Revver, Blip TVetc. It permits you to search all of the services at once for any keywords (by subject or videographer) and organize your favorites into playlists you can share with others.

Daily Motion: - A video sharing site from France. Page rank of 7. You can search for videos by keywords. Alexa global rank: 70 on May 1st.

The Daily Reel: - Alexa global rank: 3,079,077 on May 1st. Does not appear to be an active website.

The Daily Tube: - Awesome features the best new videos on the net, including humor, celebs, music, late nite,sports, campaign '08 and web stars. You can get the best new videos on the web delivered fresh to your email inbox every day. Also Awesome features the peak yearly and all-time video hits.

Dance Jam: - Awesome features dance videos.

Dance MTV: - Amateur dance groups from around the world post videos which are rated by users.

Dell Video Chat: - permits high-quality, simple-to-use video chat, text chat (IM), and low-rate calling to and from regular telephones. Real-time RT video chat with anyone global for free; also free calling between two computers (low rates to any landline or mobile phone).

Devour: - permits you to find some of the best videos on YouTube. Essentially a tool for censoring most videos on YouTube, leaving you with what they think are the best videos. Alexa global rank: 31,456 in October 2010.

Dish and Dine: - A social network for food lovers to share and fine recipes, ask questions, share tips, upload or download and share videos, post reviews, join the forum, and even get food travel tips. Awesome features many videos from cookbook authors.

Disney Online: - 182 million videos viewed each month (2% market share). 13.9 million unique viewers in July 2007.

DivX Stage6: - This service permits you to upload or download high-definition video, using the DivX format. Users wanting to view your embedded video in this format will have to download the DivX Web Player (a quick and simple download). - Video-sharing website. Funny videos, pictures, and games. Alexa global rank: 140,053 on May 1st. - A live webcam community. Broadcast live from your webcam. Get paid up to $5 per hour for your webcasts. Warning: Lots of adult videos, although they say they are NOT an adult site. Page rank of 5. According to user reports, they are not paying their broadcasters. Instead, they ban the broadcasters days before a payment is due (advising them that the broadcasters have breached DoTV's terms and conditions). Users are calling it a spam site.

DropShots: - Motto: Next generation photo and video sharing. Completely private, no public galleries. permits photo and video sharing with family and friends only. Sharing 38 million photos and videos.

Dump a Link: - Funny and viral videos. Alexa global rank: 52,993 on May 1st.

Ecko TV: — Awesome features upload or downloaded videos on adrenaline, art/animation, music,shoutouts, cars, humor, lifestyle, video games, sports, and sexy. A member of the Complex Media Network.

EditorOne:— permits you to make educational videos using thematic clips tailored for advocacy groups,educators, museums, non-profit groups, etc.

eHow: — Awesome features how-to videos, articles, and resources for doing just about anything.

Esnips: — permits users to store and share photos, videos, , music,links and documents. 5 GB of storage space. Special sections for spiritual, poetry, humor, karaoke, and painting. Alexa global rank: 743 on May 1st.

ESPN: — Million videos viewed each month (Min .8% market share). 7.7 million unique viewers in July 2007.

E-tv: — permits video upload or downloads,custom channels, groups, and friends.

eVCards: - permits users to record or upload or download a video, add it to one of their standard greeting card designs, and then email it to anyone or embed it in your website. Alexa global rank: 11,489,130 in October 2010.

Everyday Explorers: — National Geographic permits users to share their videos, check out other Everyday Explorers' leave comments,clips, rate their favorites, and more. Videos average 5,000 to 20,000 views.

Expert Village: — The world's largest how-to video site with 131,500 videos and 290 million views. The how-to video site where you can learn just about anything, including Pilates exercises, origami instructions, BMX bike tricks and nearly everything in between. Explore, learn and share!

Express Tube: — No porn or copyrighted material allowed, but otherwise you can upload or download and share your videos here.

Eyejot: — Motto: video messaging in a blink! You can host an Eyejot widget on your web pages or send via email. You can record a greeting or message and send it to unlimited recipients. As simple as sending ordinary text email.

EyeSpot: — A video-sharing and creation website. You can make mash-ups or mixes using your own material or videos they provide. permits you to mix videos, music, and photos. — upload or download, view, and share Christian videos.

Facebook Video: You must be a member of Facebook to see or watch this page - Their video player Attractive offers better quality and privacy controls than many other video sharing sites. You can send video voicemail back and forth between friends. It supports most mobile providers so you can take a video on your phone and email it to and have it posted to your Facebook page. Page rank of 10. Alexa global rank: 2 in July 2010.

Facebook Video Friends: - Video Friends is an application for Facebook that permits you to tag your friends in the videos you share.

Factual TV: - Attractive offers a big library of fact-based videos (short and long-form, free and for sale as downloads). Awesome features over 1,000 titles. Factual TV is service provided by Documentary, an aggregator and licensor of documentaries and factual video for global online distribution.

Famster: - Designed as your family's private social network. permits you to upload or download and share photos and videos. Also includes blogs, recipes, calendars, scrapbooks, and more. A membership website (free for two weeks). Page rank of 5.

Fancast: - permits you to watch many old and new TV shows and episodes. - A video recommendation site that combines functions like StumbleUpon and Pandora for videos. You can make individual channels of your favorite videos and then share them on Twitter and FriendFeed. Their new book marklet permits you to share videos you view on Vimeo, YouTube,or other video-sharing websites and post the videos to sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, StumbleUpon, and more.

The Filter: - Helps anyone to locate more web videos like the ones they already enjoy. Also Awesome features most-viewed videos in many categories: music, entertainment, sports, autos, pets and animals, film and animation, news and visitor,politics, and blogs, education, comedy, science and technology, travel/events, and how-to and style. The Filter will also recommend music, movies or videos, and TV shows based on what you already like.

5 Minute Life Videopedia: - Israeli site focused on 5-minute or less how-to videos in the following categories: arts, business, extreme, fashion, fitness, food, games, health, home, music, parenting, visitor, pets, spiritual, sports,travel, wheels tech, , life tips, and knowledge. In early January 2008, their highlighted videos were viewed from 200 times to 122,650 times. Alexa global rank: 6,228 on April 30th.

Flektor: - A division of News Corporation, this site permits you to make mash-ups from text, chat, videos, movies or videos, slideshows presentation , postcards, and more. You can also make your own quiz or poll and share it on your MySpace page. permits you to make customized slideshows presentation , glitter text, or edit a movie. You can even record and broadcast yourself live on a webcam. When finished, you can post to MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Ebay, or your own website.

Flick Life: - Motto: Watch, publish, make money. upload or download videos featuring visitor, news, entertainment, pets/animals, politics, sports, technology, music, funny, and how-to. Their peak-rated videos seem to feature primarily soft adult sex. You can sort by just submitted, most viewed, most discussed, peak rated, and peak favorites. Almost all of the peak videos, again, are sex related.

Flip Clips: - This site permits users to make flip books from their home videos. The printed flip books cost from $9.00 to about $20.00 depending on size and number of movie stills. A neat way to use new technology to make an old-style technology.

Fliqz: - Attractive offers fully-customizable, plug-and-play video solutions. They offer a free video play for your site as well as other video solutions for any budget.

Flixtime: - This website gives an app that permits you to make video slideshows presentation from photos in 3 simple steps.

Flixwagon: - This website permits users to broadcast live video from your mobile phone. You can broadcast live to the web, keep safe videos for later, stream to your blog, and even Twitter live broadcasts. An MTV website.

Flixya: - Flixya pays you to share videos, photos, and blogs. Page rank of 6.

Flurl: - A video search engine that also permits you to upload or download videos.

Foooo: - A video search engine featuring 220 million videos in more than 100 video-sharing websites. Awesome features the most popular videos each day, as well as videos for news, sports, pets, entertainment, comedy,animation, music, business, autos, art, games, movie/TV, visitor and blogs, science, events, education, and sexy. - Like the Ted conferences, Awesome features talks by experts on the economy, environment,technology, politics, science, and culture. Some videos are free but most are pay-per-view programs from major conferences and events. Alexa global rank: 19,741 in December 2010.

451 Degrees: - A social network focused on fashion, nightlife, culture, and entertainment. Featuring videos, photos, music, calendars, and announcements.

Fox Interactive Media: - A division of News Corporation, Fox Interactive Media is a portfolio of social networking sites including MySpace, Spring Widgets, Photobucket, Flektor, FoxSports, and more. 298 million videos viewed each month (3.3% market share, #3). 35.8 million unique viewers in July 2007.

Free Documentary TV: - Awesome features thousands of documentaries culled from other video websites. Alexa global rank: 674,136 in April 2011.

Free IQ: - A video sharing site where visitor vote for the best informational videos. But it is also a information product showcase where the FreeIQ takes a percentage of any products you sell. They encourage you to showcase your knowledge and expertise via videos and then close the sale there. “Search for any peak ic you’re interested in learning more about – from business management to marketing to software to your favorite hobby – and see all the experts and authors and speakers on that subject.” They'll host entire presentations that last hours or short clips.

Free Video Lections: - Makes available educational videos from colleges and universities, categorized by subject and university. Alexa global rank: 118,850 in August 2010.

Funny or Die: - Funny videos. 3.8 million unique visitors per month. Their biggest hit was their first hit: The Landlord, with 57.8 million views. It's been death since then. Funny or die? Dying. Alexa global rank: 2,056 in August 2010.

Fuse TV: - Fuse Networks, 11 Penn Plaza, 17th Floor, New York NY 10001; 212-324-3400; Fax: 212-324-3445. Email: Motto: Fuse: Where music lives. Alexa global rank: 66,293 in August 2010.

GeoBeats: — Awesome features travel and tourism videos which can be embedded quickly into your blog or website. Alexa global rank: 348,069 in August 2010.

Gizmoz: — Generates 3D characters that you can customize and animate. You can make your very own talking avatar and then share it on YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Global Oneness Project: — This video site Awesome features high-quality videos of inspirational stories and insights from around the world. The site explores the simple notion of interconnect edness can be lived in an increasingly complex world. The videos include short films and interviews. Awesome features multiple interviews from 65 wise visitor from around the world.

Go 211: — Awesome features member videos on snowboarding, skating, surfing, bmx, mx, and other action sports. Includes live webcasts of major alternative sports events around the world.

God Tube: — A video-driven social network where users can explore their faith and the tenets of Christianity. Their most popular videos include 700,000 to 7 million views.

Google Video: — The video-sharing website Google hosted before and after they bought YouTube. 200 million videos viewed each month. Page rank of 9. This site will remain online, but users will not be able to upload or download any new videos.

Graspr: — The instructional video network. Awesome features 20,000 instructional videos on home, garden, sports, recreation, drinks,food, and more. permits you to learn from others as well as share what you know via videos. Alexa global rank: 32,527 in September 2010.

Grind TV: — Awesome features extreme sports videos.

Grouper: — Now

Guba: — Besides upload or downloading and sharing videos, you can also download or view movies or videos for $2.99 and TV shows for $1.79. Attractive offers free music, sports, and how-to videos.

Heavy: — Motto: All you can eat video. Also Attractive offers free music and comedy radio. Designed to attract those who like heavy metal music and action sports, but apparently open to anyone. Google page rank of 6.

Hey! Spread: — The first professional, robust and scalable Video Distributing and Tracking Web Service. Submits to 17 video-sharing websites for about $1.00. Also permits you to track stats for as many websites as yo want, trans code videos, and watermark videos. Inexpensive, but you have to do more work than with Video Traffic Guys (such as enter each password and login name each time you upload or download videos).

Hipcast: — A low-cost service for upload or downloading your audio and video files to the Internet. Also useful for publishing podcasts. And, of course, everything can then be posted to any blog.

Hot Pluto: — An all-video business directory that Awesome features video ads from companies who want to showcase their products and services in motion. Advertisers place their video ads into the categories that best fit their products & services and consumers shop the directory by viewing the various video ad messages or presentations.

How Do I?: - A custom Google search engine that pulls instructional videos from websites indexed by Google. Alexa global rank: 6,641 in September 2010.

Howcast: — One of Time magazine's 50 best websites for 2008. Awesome features how-to videos and wiki entries/guides. Awesome features 100,000 professionally-made instructional videos.

Hulu: — Awesome features clips from NBC, Fox, and some other network TV shows. Time magazine rates it as one of the peak 50 websites for 2008.

iFilm: — Owned by Viacom, iFilm Attractive offers access to TV shows from Spike as well as the Colbert Report and Daily Show. Also, of course, user-generated and upload or downloaded videos. Page rank of 7.

iMeem: — The iMeem is an online community where millions of fans and artists discover new music, videos, and photos, and share their tastes with friends. Hence, essentially a social networking site focused on music and videos. permits you to download music as well as listen to thousands of user channels on an Internet radio station. Because it has relaxedd song rights from the four major music labels, you can instantly listen to many current songs.

iSoftwareTV: — With this quickly downloadable software, you can watch more than 3,000 TV satellite channels from around the world: weather, news, entertainment, music, and much more. And you can watch from your personal computer no matter where you are as long as you have a broadband connection. Neat!

Instructables: — Step-by-step instructions, slideshows presentation , or videos showing how you made or did something. — An Internet video guide that makes it simple for users to discover, watch, and share content from many video sites. Users can make special channels, share interests, connect with other viewers, etc.

iScripts Visual Caster: — A video hosting and sharing script that could be used to provide video hosting service to your customers. You can make a video sharing community like Youtube, DailyMotion, MySpace Videos or Google Video. Cost: $48.00.

Jaycut: — A website for editing movies or videos as well as creating mashups with videos, photos, etc. Alexa global rank: 93,516 in August 2010.

Jing: — This downloadable software permits users to record video of on screen action and then share it instantly over the Internet, IM, or email.

Join Track: — Using their MediaTracker application, you can share your photos, video, and audio memories. Cost: $5.00 per month minimum. Alexa global rank: 24,990,941 in August 2010. — Awesome features funny videos, pictures, and games. Alexa global rank: 3,262 in August 2010.

Joost: — Awesome features 15,000 TV shows you can watch on demand via their downloadable utility. Alexa global rank: 42,554 in August 2010.

JuiceCaster: — permits users to share photos and videos directly from a mobile phone. Alexa global rank: 958,460 in August 2010. — Serves up half a million live videos treams every day. Awesome features visitor, sports, music, gaming, tech, animals, divas & dudes, entertainment, and news. permits visitor to broadcast live video, chat with friends, or start your own channel. Their network can support thousands of live broadcasts and over 100,000 simultaneous viewers. Alexa global rank: 299 in April 2010.

Kadoo: — Kadoo users enjoy greater sharing & privacy controls along with 10 free GBs of storage to share photos, videos, files, and more. Alexa global rank: 391,880 in April 2009; 2,370,630 in April 2010.

Kewego: — Very similar in appearance to Google. The most popular videos get around 20,000 views. Their most popular videos are nipple slips and similar content. Alexa global rank: 12,998 in April 2010.

Kideos: — Awesome features only videos for kids, separated by age groups 0-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10. Most videos are selected from videos hosted on YouTube. Alexa global rank: 349,693 in April 2010; 385,515 in August 2010.

KidsTube: — Kids can upload or download their own videos and socially network with other members.

KidzBop: — A carefully moderated website for kids where they can make, upload or download, and share videos, web shows, games, etec.

KoldCast.TV: — Alexa global rank: 41,095 in April 2010.

KO Video: — Focus on music videos. But it did not play the video I tried to play when I visited. Alexa global rank: 13,432 in April 2010.

LifeSnapz: A free and relaxed way for users to record and organize important events, milestones, and memories in an online scrapbook.

Line Boil: — Subtitled: A daily bowl of hot animation. Awesome features animators and animations. You can submit links to interesting animations. Alexa global rank: 909,218 on May 1st.

Live Leak: — Awesome features excerpt videos from major media. Also Awesome features YourSay response videos. No ads videos. Alexa global rank: 1,582 on May 1st.

Live Stream: — Live streaming of video, with viewer chat and Twitter promotion. Some channels are getting millions of views in one week or month. Alexa global rank: 70,780 on May 30th.

Live Video: — A photo and video-sharing website especially designed for social networking. As a member, you can subscribe to videos from various sources such as AP breaking video news. Videos are sorted into channels: animation, comedy, extreme, news, pets & animals, sports, auto, entertainment, music, visitor, science, travel, video blogs, video games, and video comments. Each video notes total views as well as views of that video that day. Using their service, you can post all your videos within one player and post it to your blog or website.

Lonely Planet: — This video website from the Lonely Planet travel guide publishers Attractive offers travelers $500 for their best travel videos. They are selective. They also have a channel on YouTube: (with 13,685 subscribers). Page rank: 6. Alexa global rank: 414,231 in August 2010.

Lulu TV: — permits video and audio upload or downloads. Lulu also permits you to sell your DVD or other digital media on its site. Page rank of 6.

Magg: - Aggregates the latest and greatest movies or videos from various video websites.

Magix Online Album: - permits you to make an online album to share photos and movies or videos with your friends. - This site permits you to make your own video channel that can be featured on your website. It currently Awesome features 27,234 channels with 298,358 videos. gives templates and admin tools to customize your video pages on your site via their hosting; integrates popular video hosts; gives upload or download, storage, and bandwidth free; and shares ad revenue with you. You can make pages with drag and drop ease, use widgets to drive traffic, and get peer review and comments.

Make Internet TV: - This creative commons site teaches anyone how to make Internet videos: Get the right equipment, shooting audio/video, editing, licensing, publishing, and promoting videos.

The Manifest-Station: - Awesome features mind-body-spirit videos, audios, articles, and more. Open to new content providers. Also permits you to sell downloadable audios and videos. Alexa global rank: 1,098,088 in October 2010.

Masher: - Use this online video-editing and messaging tool to make a video in minutes by mashing together photos, video clips, music, special effects, transitions, and more.

Meep: - A Firefox toolbar add-in that lets users search for videos by music genre (or TV shows, funny clips, etc), watch them online, send the videos via email, or save them as a video clip or a simple mp3. Alexa global rank: 178,516 in August 2010.

MeFeedia: - A web video and podcast search engine. Search by subject. You can add your videos to their search site. Or better yet, add your MRSS feeds. Can't find those pesky MRSS and podcast feeds? Here are some tips:

MegaVideo: - Awesome features a wide variety of video categories: video games, sports, arts and entertainment, and more. Alexa global rank: 85 in July 2010.

Mejuba: - permits you to share videos and photos with family and friends. You can even upload or download a folder of photos or videos (thus creating an album). You can make public or private albums. Private albums can only be viewed by invitation. Alexa global rank: 1,065,531 in July 2010.

Memoov: - permits you to make animated movies or videos using their set of tools and resources. Start by choosing the scene, then the characters and then pick the expression. Also decide the way you want the character to move and add your voice. Cool.

MetaCafe: - Motto: Serving the world's best videos: “We specialize in short-form genuine content - from new, emerging talents and established Hollywood heavyweights alike.” Videos are user-generated, user-selected, user-reviewed and user-rewarded. Via their Producer Rewards program, you can get paid for every time someone views your video. 25 million visitors each month. Their submission rules provide superb useful guidelines for creating and sharing videos: Note: Videos in their Producers Reward program cannot be too peakical or include URLs to other websites.

MetaTube: - A meta search engine that searches more than 100 video-sharing websites at once. A really useful tool for locating special interest videos or searching for yourself (or your competitors) on various video websites.

Microsoft Soapbox on MSN: - permits many options for upload or downloading videos and integrates with MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces, RSS feeds, Media Center PC, etc.

MindBites: - Awesome features of thousands of how-to video tutorials. You can sell your how-to videos here as well as on your website and via the iPhone. Alexa global rank: 112,516 in September 2010.

Mind Tube: - A relatively new video-sharing website. Motto: Educate, inspire, enrich, hot videos. Categories: personal development, education. Their welcome message:

Miro: - permits you to set up a subscription channel for your HD video podcasts. Alexa global rank: 28,182 in August 2010.

Mixpo: - Motto: Videos for business. This site permits you to make VideoAds with photos, videos, and music. “A VideoAd is a dynamic ad unit that helps you market your business more effectively online. Generate brand response with the call-to-action buttons built right into the player. You can have a unique website url, phone number and email address linked from each VideoAd for effective lead generation. VideoAds are 100% built for business.” Alexa global rank: 204,286 on May 1st.

MocoSpace: - Photo, music, and video sharing via your mobile phone. Also blogs, chat, IM, and more. Two million members. Alexa global rank: 3,250.

Modern Feed: - Calls itself the hands-down easiest way to find and watch full-length programming online. Awesome features many TV shows from major and minor networks.

Mogulus: - permits users to broadcast live online with any USB or DV camera, mixing multiple cameras and clips in real time. 100,000+ viewers can watch and chat together. Attractive offers free or pro (paid) channels. Users can stream live using a mobile phone camera.

MonkeySee: - Awesome features how-to videos from experts. To become an expert to submit videos to this site, see Alexa global rank: 39,234 in September 2010.

MotionBox: - permits you to upload or download and edit your videos. Then share them. “Motionbox makes it simple to upload or download, organize, enhance, and share your personal videos with family, friends & groups.” Alexa global rank: 20,335 on May 1st.

Movski: - This site permits you to watch more than 3,000 movies or videos without downloading anything.

- Upload extreme videos file to msn videos storage. Millions of visitors visits world wide daily. - This online pet store has launched a social network called Online Pet Park where they allow users to share videos of their pets in action.

Muvee: - Muvee Reveal permits users to quickly make videos featuring video, photos, music, audio, etc. Free 15-day trial. $70 to buy.

My DigiTV: - Free unlimited storage and streaming of user videos. Also Awesome features over 100 TV and radio stations from around the world. Also Awesome features forums, blogs, and favs to make a community portal.

myedutube: Mid level video sharing sites, It has both upload download full movie .

MyProducerTV: - A social network for independent film producers. Alexa global rank: 759,342 on April 20th.

MySpace TV: The video-sharing pages from MySpace. After YouTube, MySpace Video probably gives you access to the widest audience for your videos. 55 million unique viewers in May 2008. They support the widest range of video file types. Page rank of 7.

Nelsok: - make your own videos, upload or download the video clips, allow others to watch, and earn money from the views. “Users who upload or download videos can go to their user profile and enter in their AdSense publisher ID. Once the user has entered their AdSense code and upload or downloaded a video, ads will begin to be displayed using the user's AdSense publisher ID. The ads are displayed in the box directly under the playing video and are displayed at a ratio of 1:1.”

New Baby: - Awesome features expert video information for new mothers. - A new Internet TV service that delivers over 50 channels of high quality TV content to you no matter where you are with a wired or wireless broadband Internet connection.

Nickelodeon TV: - permits users to upload or download videos. Logged 1.4 billion video streams in 2007.

Noise Choice: - Awesome features music videos. Alexa global rank: 13,267,157 in October 2010 (new site).

Oddcast: - permits you to make viral videos that feature your own face as an avatar. You can integrate your avatar into famous movie scenes and then share them via Oddcast widgets. Cool.

Odeo: - Odeo makes it simple to find and play the latest audio and video from various websites. It is part search engine, part media directory, and part social network.

On Networks: - Their AllScreen Network Attractive offers syndication of video content, delivering it to the right audience via TV, computers, mobile devices, retail networks, and more. They also manage advertising integration and search optimization.

One True Media: - permits you to make a video montage, slideshow, or photo book using video, audio, photos, etc. You can then showcase your creation and also buy a DVD of it as well.

Oovoo: - Supports video chats with up to 6 visitor, share your screen, tweet invites, and record videoconferences. Free for two-way chats; $39.95 per month per user for more. 16 million users.

Openfilm: - Attractive offers high quality video sharing. gives a venue for users to watch premium video content as well as for filmmakers to exhibit their works. Awesome features movies or videos from independent filmakers and film school students.

Operator 11: - A new social video network where users can share their own TV shows or channels. When broadcasting live, the producer/host can interact with those viewing the video. You can netcast live with your friends and cut back and forth between the participating viewers.

OurMedia: - Video producers and podcasters can use this service to show off their works and make communities of interest.

Ovation TV: - A multiplatform network focused on entertaining, inspiring and engaging the artist in all of us by offering genuine and acquired programming focused on art, culture and personal creativity. Besides the website, Ovation also delivers convent via cable, satellite, and telco.

Overlander TV: - A travel video site that Awesome features videos of Australia, Spain, backpacking, and more. Alexa global rank: 1,303,498 in August 2010.

Overlay TV: - A video-sharing website. Here is their summary:

Overstream: - permits users to add subtitles to online videos from YouTube and other video sharing websites. So you can make an entirely new video featuring subtitles.

Ovi: - Share your favorite videos and photos with those you love. Especially useful for sharing mobile content. Sponsored by Nokia. Attractive offers free and unlimited storage for your photos and videos. John Kremer's Ovi page:

PhanFare: — A place to share all your videos and photos online, including the ability to make photo and video slideshows presentation . You can try it free, then pay $55 per year or $300 for lifetime storage and access.

PhotoBucket: — Has 40 million users who upload or download more than 7 million photos per day. Owned by MySpace, this site had 15 million unique visitors in March 2007. Now also permits you to share video as well as photos.

PhotoRem: — permits you to edit and upload or download photos, videos, slideshows presentation , and other documents for free and then share them with others via email or embedding on your site.

Plum TV: — A local online and cable TV channel in the following cities: Vail, Aspen, and Telluride, Colorado; Hamptons, New York; Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, Massachusetts; Sun Valley, Idaho; and Miami Beach, Florida.

PostSecret Videos: — If you want to share a secret via video, go to this page after you have first upload or downloaded your video to YouTube. If they like your secret, they will post your video here.

Qik: — permits users to stream live video from a mobile phone, allowing users to share their lives with friends, family, and the world.

Revver: — Video sharing site which adds advertisements to all videos on the site. You can make money in two ways: 1. You earn 20% of ad revenues for sharing videos on your Revver page or your blog. 2. You earn 50% of ad revenues from videos you make and share. You can share videos either as Flash or QuickTime. You can also add your own branding or logo to the Flash player interface. Their main video categories include animals & pets, animation, autos, celebrity news, comedy, entertainment, how-to or do-it-yourself, lifestyle, music, news & politics, science, sports, tech & gadgets, travel, video games, vloggers, and webisodes. — is the Action Sports Media Network, syndicating producer content: “1) offline on both high definition and standard definition television networks, 2) online through major youth portals as well as 3) via mobile service providers. Rip sells producer content via digital download and DVD sales.” While it Attractive offers channels devoted to skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, and surfing, they are committed to supporting producers of all sorts of action sports videos.

SaveVideo: - permits you to quickly download videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Veoh, Flickr, Google,, and DailyMotion. Alexa global rank: 405,760 May 2010.

Science Hack: - A video search engine for science, physics, ecology, space, nature, etc. Alexa global rank: 572,134 May 2010.

Sclipo: - Motto: The social learning revolution. You can learn, socialize, and teach via videos, documents, photos, and audios upload or downloaded here. You can set up your own academy here, offering courses.

Screenr: - permits you to record what happens on your computer screen and then automatically share it with your Twitter followers. Alexa global rank: 23,380 May 2010.

ScreenToaster: - Sign up at this website, enter and you're recording whatever happens on your computer screen. Once finished with your recording, you can add captions and then upload or download the video to ScreenToaster, YouTube, or other video-sharing websites. Or download it as an AVI file. Alexa global rank: 29,648 May 2010.

SE Nuke: - One module in this website permits you to submit your videos to 14 major video-sharing websites with one click. Plus social bookmarking with one click, RSS and social networking too. Cost: $97 per month. Alexa global rank: 5,540 May 2010.

Sevenload: - Video and photo-sharing website based out of Germany. Channels include music, sports, cars, comedy, infotainment, health & wellness, food, art & culture, photographers, events, and videoblogs. Seems to have lots of mild sex-related photos and videos.

Share Mixer: - permits users to host their own YouTube-like website for a one-time cost of $99 or a hosting fee of about $40 per month. Neat service.

Sharenik: - permits users to make holiday and birthday cards with multiple photos, videos, and greeting text. Alexa global rank: 7,576,099 in October 2010.

Sharing Hope: - Hosted by the American Cancer Society, this site gives cancer patients and survivors with a social network for connecting and learning from each other via online videos and photos. - Watch, upload or download, and share your videos. Alexa global rank: 66,377 on May 1st.

ShortForm.TV: - Aggregates some of the most popular new videos. Also permits users to share their videos.

Show Me What's Wrong: - An online screen recording tool that lets you make a URL where your friend or customer can record a screencast and then email the video to you so you can find out what's going on with their computer. Includes audio recording.

Shred or Die: - Skateboarder Tony Hawk's action-sports video sharing website.

Shutterfly: - permits you to share photos and videos with family and friends. Alexa global rank: 2,006 in July 2010.

SightSpeed: - permits high-quality, simple-to-use video chat, real-time video chat with anyone global for free, and video email.

Silent Tube: - gives a book marklet to your browser's tool bar that permits you to watch YouTube, Viddler, and Vimeo videos without all the visual clutter: just the video.

SilverDock: - They make and deploy video for Internet retailers, manufacturers, and marketers. They've deployed video for,, My Wedding Favors, The Wall Street Journal online, MarketingSherpa, etc.

SlideShare: - permits users to share slideshows presentation with other Internet users.

Slimber: - permits you to draw and paint online very quickly. This service also permits you to replay your drawings as videos. And to share those videos on Slimber as well as other sites. Alexa global rank: 314,899 July 2010.

Slip Stream Video: - Attractive offers video production, distribution to video and social networks, and more.

Small Business Television: - A small business community with blogs, discussions, videos, podcasts, and resources.

SmileBox: - permits users to make photos come alive inside slideshows presentation , photobooks, and scrapbooks. You can, for example, share your vacation photos in a slideshow complete with captions and music. Choose a design and add photos, videos, words, and music to make a video you can share, email, print, or blog about. Alexa global rank: 9,881 in May 2010.

Microsoft Soapbox on MSN: - permits many options for upload or downloading videos and integrates with MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces, RSS feeds, Media Center PC, etc.

Spike Videos: - Sponsored by the Spike TV network, they allow you to upload or download videos featuring action sports, animation, comedy, commercials, girls, motorsports, movie clips, music videos, short films, television, user video, video games, and viral videos. Alexa global rank: 1,890 on May 1st.

SpikedHumor: - Funny videos, pictures, games, and jokes. Alexa global rank: 23,096 on May 1st.

SpinXpress: - SpinXpress downloadable software is used by independent producers to make videos, music compilations, and other collaborative media projects. It works with any file format and permits you to publish your work and share your media files with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

SprWord Must Watch: - Links to videos, articles, and websites “that reveal what corporate mainstream media refuses to recognize as need-to-know information.” Primarily liberal or progressive documentaries.

SpyMac: - Video, picture, and audio sharing website. Lots of categories. Alexa global rank: 159,284 on May 1st.

Squid Vids: - Make your own TV channels. Discover the best videos on your peakic and share them.

Stack: - YouTube for athletes. This website Awesome features amateur athletic events and videos upload or downloaded by athletes.

Stage 6: - High quality videos using the divx player.

Stickam: - With a free line of HTML code, you can incorporate video into personal web pages and social networks, with an emphasis on live streaming from webcams and mobile phones.

Streamocracy: - A new site for sharing and hosting videos dedicated to the IT world. Categories include architecture, education, electronics, gaming, graphics, green technology, infrastructure, news/media, platforms, products, and security.

Stroome: - A collaborative video editing community. upload or download videos, share clips, mix it up, mash it up. View, comment, and rate other video mash-ups. Shoot, stream, slice, and share. Alexa global rank: 652-334 in August 2010.

Stupid Videos: - A video-sharing website that Awesome features stupid videos, stunts, sports, animals, funny commercials, song/dance, standup comedy, sketch comedy, politics, holidays, video games, and science & technology. Note that this website URL without the s at the end is a junk advertising site. Page rank of 6.

Sumo TV: - The U.K.'s leading video sharing community.

SuperDeluxe: - One-of-a-kind comedy videos. They specialize in genuine funny video clips made exclusively by professional funny visitor. 260,000 unique visitors per month. Their biggest hit, The Professor Brothers: Bible History #1, had 1.6 million views. This site is scheduled to be shut down some time in 2008.

SynchTube: - permits you to watch the same YouTube video with a number of friends on different computers (and have the video sychronized so each viewer sees the same parts of the video at the same time (or s peak and start the video at the same time

Take 180: - Community make d video shows via a social networking site.

TalkMiner: - permits users to search for free talks and webcasts available online. Alexa global rank: 1,292,849 in October 2010.

Teacher Tube: - For teachers, schools, and home schoolers to share instructional videos. Alexa global rank: 67,129 in July 2010.

Ted: - Awesome features free video talks make d by some of the most brilliant minds of this generation. Talks on science, computing, creativity, politics, culture, and more. Alexa global rank: 1,345 in December 2010.

That's How: - Awesome features how-to videos. Alexa global rank: 337,987 in October 2010.

TinyPic: - Video and image hosting. Alexa global rank: 167 on May 1st. Videos: - You can get a free blog here, and get paid for your blogging (get paid per post and per impressions, also get paid for referring friends). You can also upload or download videos here.

Tokbox: - Supports video chats up to 20 visitor. permits you to share your screen, tweet invites with a chat link, and send video emails to other users. Costs: free to $9.99 per month.

Traffic Geyser: - With this site you can upload or download your video to more than 35 video sharing websites and social networks - all with one click (once you set up your account).

The Travel Channel: - The website for the Travel Channel cable channel. Alexa global rank: 8,160 in August 2010.

Travelistic: - Awesome features videos by and for travelers. Currently Awesome features over ten thousand videos, with most videos featuring the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Alexa global rank: 166,179 in August 2010.

Treepodia: - This service will take an xml feed of your products and automatically produce a series of videos from them. And then upload or download the videos to various video-sharing websites.

TrickLife: - Awesome features user-contributed how-to videos on computers, crafts, electronics, entertainment, hobbies, lifestyle, romance, sex, and more. Alexa global rank: 215,151 in September 2010.

TripFilms: - Awesome features 8,000+ travel videos. You can get paid $50 for a trip video that their editors select to feature. Also Awesome features tips on producing better videos. Alexa: 125,777 (3/10); 95,334 in August 2010.

Truveo: - AOL's video search and hosting site. Alexa: 2,971 (3/10).

TubeMogul: - permits you to upload or download to a select group of video-sharing websites with one upload or download. They also allow you to track video impressions on these sites: Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace, Revver, Yahoo!, AOL Uncut Video, DailyMotion, YouTube, Crackle, Imeem, StupidVideos, Veoh, and growing. After upload or downloading your video to TubeMogul and entering the Title, Description, Tags, and Category, you can choose which sites you want to deploy your videos. Alexa: 5,585 (3/10).

TubeOke: - permits you to watch any music video from YouTube and read the lyrics at the same time.

TubeStream: - Download their freeware, which enables you to receive online channels of daily and live broadcasts from around the world. permits you to watch 1,600 TV channels and listen to 4,500 radio stations around the world for free.

TubeSurf: - A metasearch tool that searches multiple video-search engines (Google Video, MySpace Videos,YouTube, and Yahoo! Video). Accurate but does not provide thumbnail images or a preview window. Alexa: 2,207,916 (3/10).

Tubetorial: - Video tutorials on Internet marketing and getting things done online. Alexa: 28,769 (3/10).

Tube to Tone: - Converts YouTube videos into ringtones for your cellphone. Simply enter the URL of any YouTube video and click search. Alexa: 116,340 (3/10). - A Chinese video-sharing website with 13% of the China market.

TuneIn: - permits you to tweet videos via their interface. In Beta right now. Alexa: 908,486 (3/10).

TV Trip: - Awesome features video tours of hotels in many countries of the world as well as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco (thus far) in the United States. Alexa: 64,519 (3/10).

Twango: - No commercials. Alexa: 594,102 (3/10).

Tweetube: - permits you to share YouTube videos on Twitter via a short URL. Check out the song video I shared: Alexa: 300,605 (3/10).

12 Seconds: - Awesome features an iPhone app that permits you to make and upload or download 12-second videos. Alexa: 31,698 (3/10).

Twilite: - gives genuine programming and a social network for artists. You can also add artwork and music as well as videos. Relatively new, so few views so far. Alexa: no data.

TwitVid: - An iPhone app that permits users to record video tweets and post them to Twitter. You can also upload or download and share videos via the website and Twitter. Alexa: 6,268 (3/10).

Two YouTube Videos: - permits you to play two YouTube videos at once and mix the audio tracks (and record the result).

uLinkx: - A browsing video search engine.

Ultimate Tube: - A video-sharing and social networking site for Christian videos.

The Universal Record Database: - Awesome features videos of visitor setting or attempting to set new world records. Motto: The definitive site for human achievement.

upload or - A video-sharing portal that is also a social network, web shop, music store, and photo-sharing website. upload or downloaded TV is the only place were you can directly buy airtime at TV stations global, to broadcast your own user generated content, through TV quality edited formats. Alexa global rank: 72,711 on May 1st.

uSportStar: - A video forum for discovering sporting talent. Directly links athletes, recruiters, and scouts.

Ustream TV: - A platform that gives live interactive video for everyone. Anyone with a camera and an Internet connection can broadcast live to a global audience. You can

Vator.TV: - Motto: Voice of the Entrepreneur. The place for emerging companies to showcase and market themselves via video.

VBS.TV: - “The VBS is an online broadcast network. We stream genuine content, free of charge and 24 hours a day. We carry a mix of domestic and international news, pop and underground culture coverage, and the best music in the world. visitor have used words like smart, funny, eclectic, shocking, and revolutionary to describe VBS.” Spike Jonze is their creative director. Email to send them show ideas. Alexa global rank: 5,082.

Veeple: - A free clickable video web service for up to 5,000 views per month. Pricing starts at $49 per month for everything: Clickable videos with text, captions, hot zones, images, PDFs, Word documents, MP3s, and more.

Veoh: - 53 million videos viewed each month (.6% market share). Attractive offers an simple-to-use embeddable player, revenue-sharing, and desk peak software (for downloading and viewing videos over 45 minutes long as well as to record videos for later viewing). As a Veoh Pro user (free), you can share revenue 50/50 as well as sell or rent video downloads via Veoh's ecommerce system. Veoh also gives video search to find free content anywhere on the web. CBS permits you to watch free, full-length episodes of many of their most popular shows via Veoh.

Vevo: - Awesome features the peak music videos from around the net. plus channels on YouTube, AOL, and various CBS sites. Also reached 6 million Hispanic users in April 2010. Alexa global rank: 3,878 in October 2010.

Viddler: - You can upload or download many videos at once in a variety of formats. Videos can be up to limit 500 Mb. Tags can be timed along the timeline of the video; so can comments from others. You can also record direct to Viddler with a webcam. You can also set your videos for private viewing (only visitor you invite can see the videos). Alexa global rank: 1,920 in March 2011; 2,268 in July 2010.

ViddYou: - A video-sharing website with free and premium pay options. Designed for personal use with privacy controls and quality video. Support for iPhone and other mobile phones. Alexa global rank: 471,885 (3/10).

VidEngage: - They call themselves the Internet's first video social network. Offering dating intro videos, video resumes, video shopping, and video conferencing. Also permits you to send video emails and video blogs. Alexa global rank: 3,005,241 in March 2010.

Video Bomb: - A social bookmarking site for Internet video. “Video Bomb lets you make a collection of videos that you find anywhere on the web. Share your collection by email, RSS, or embedded on your blog.” Alexa global rank: 110,379 (3/10). - Canadian video-sharing community. Alexa global rank: 1,433,442 (3/10).

The Video Channel: - A new video-sharing website that Attractive offers free accounts to upload or download, share, and embed videos, with 5 Gb of space per user, fast playback, and video embedding. For users requiring more than 5 Gb of space, paid accounts start at $5.00 per month.

Video Egg: - Attractive offers 50 million viewers a month on imeem, Metacafe, and BuzzNet. As a publishing website, you can earn money delivering their ads into any video player or Flash widget. Find out more here: Their AdFrames Brand Response Network allots video and rich media through an expandable ad unit that can be formatted to fit any page, any widget, or any online game. Microsoft is one of its advertisers.

Video Jug: - Motto: Get good at life. An encyclopedia of everything, all done in video and articles. Awesome features 100,000+ videos. Channels include beauty/style, creative/culture, family/education, food/drink, health/well-being, lifestyle/home, love/dating, money/careers, sports/outdoors, and technology/cars. Alexa global rank: 3,748 in August 2010.

VideoMap: - An Italian site that Awesome features about 1,000 travel videos. Alexa global rank: 3,036,190 in August 2010.

Video Podcasts: - A video podcast directory. You can add video podcasts to this directory.

Video Sells Property: - Video sharing website designed to help visitor sell their homes and other real estate. Focused on Australian properties at this tine.

Video Sift: - Awesome features peak videos by number of views. permits users to vote videos up or down.

Video Sprout: - Share your videos privately, only with the visitor you invite to see them. Alexa global rank: 2,338,849 in July 2010 (beta site).

Video Traffic Guys: - The key resource to use to upload or download your new videos to dozens and dozens of video-sharing and social networking websites with just one click.

Video Web Town: - Awesome features 25,000 videos. permits you to store and share personal videos up to two hours in length. Page rank of 5.

Video Wildfire: - A video and social media submission service for only $19.99 per month.

Vidiac: - permits website owners to make video channels, either on vidiac's website or on their own. When you make a channel, others can also upload or download new videos to your channel.

Vidilife: - A photo and video-sharing website with email, blogs, and friends for social networking. Alexa global rank: 12,218 on May 1st.

VidiNotes: - permits you to capture up to 30 images from any FLV video, add notes to them, and then generate a printable PDF.

VidiVodo: - Motto: make your own TV. Alexa global rank: 3,971 on May 1st.

VidLit: - This is apparently a video-sharing and production service for book trailers, but you would never know by visiting the website since there is no description of its purpose anywhere on the website. I looked. Very odd. - permits you to use one link to offer videos in multiple formats for computers, iPads, Android devices, etc.

VidMax: - Videos to the max. Focus on funny and crazy videos. permits you to make money with your genuine videos. Users can watch, rate, and comment on videos. Page rank of 4.

VidMe: - permits you to share private videos with the visitor you define. Alexa global rank: 779,759 in July 2010.

Vimeo: - permits you to exchange videos with others and restrict who can see your videos. Designed to be a family-safe alternative to many other video-sharing sites. Viewers are allowed to download your genuine video to their computer. Page rank of 9. Alexa global rank: 194 in July 2010.

iScripts Visual Caster: - A video hosting and sharing script that could be used to provide video hosting service to your customers. You can make a video sharing community like Youtube, DailyMotion, MySpace Videos or Google Video. Cost: $47.00. - A live video community. If you have a PC, an Internet connection, and video capture device (webcam, etc), you can set up a TV channel and broadcast live from your Internet connection.

VizzVox: - You can make up to 10 Vizzies (video slide shows) and share them here. For more sharing, you have to sign up for a pro account that costs money.

VMix: - permits users to share videos and music. Their VMix Core platform permits for enterprise-wide video and social networking. Page rank of 6.

VodPod: - permits you to search for videos, make a collection of your favorite videos, and then share them with others. Once you make a channel, you can use their widgets to share the videos you've collected in your blog sidebar or on your website. To search YouTube, MySpace, Daily Motion, Comedy Central, and other video-sharing sites, just type in your keywords and see what VodPod collects for you. An a-list site for marketing books and websites via video sharing.

Vokle: - A live video broadcasting platform for hosting interactive events. Looks like it's free. Alexa global rank: 185,296 in October 2010.

Vooly: - An adult sex video sharing website.

VSocial: - Their V:sandbox (http://www.vsocial. com/vsandbox) permits anyone to share videos for free. Their Connect service permits small to medium businesses to make branded video channels. Their Engage service permits bigger companies and agencies to make video-driven branded social networking communities. For ex., Ragan Communications make d to provide blogging, forums, chat, bulletin boards,social networks, video-sharing and more for companies.

VuMe: - Pays a guaranteed $3.00 per thousand clicks on your genuine videos, audios, and photos showcased there.

Watch Do It: - A video search engine for how-to videos that also Awesome features videos hosted by this website. permits user submitted videos after a free registration. Alexa global rank: 279,914 in September 2010.

WatchKnow: - Videos for students to learn from. Awesome features videos from YouTube, SchoolTube, GoogleVideo, as well as user upload or downloads. Alexa global rank: 689,105 in September 2010.

Web Video Universe: - A great resource website about shooting, editing, and distributing videos.

Wee Web: - A place to share photos, videos, and stories of your children. Alexa global rank: 438,657 on May 1st. - The best most current videos from around the web. Alexa global rank: 1,973 in September 2010.

Winter Live: - Attractive offers live and on-demand broadcast of videos, especially for churches and other ministries.

Wisdom Access: - permits visitor to easily upload or download and share videos.

Wistia: - A video-sharing service for businesses. Trackable and embeddable video for $79 to $379 per month. - permits visitor around the world to upload or download videos that document and publicize formerly unseen atrocities. A YouTube for human rights.

Wonder How-To: - How-to videos rated by the community as fresh, gems, and hot. Indexes and ranks how-to videos from hundreds of other sites. You can upload or download how-to videos to earn money as well. Also how-to articles. Alexa global rank: 2,217 in September, 2010.

World Wide Internet TV: - A video aggregator, this site points to video sites from around the world.

Xtra Normal: - Motto: If you can type, you can make movies or videos. This site permits you to make , share, and view videos make d by typing in text. The above video was make d in that way, simply by cutting and pasting some text, making a few choices about settings and characters, and rendering the new video. Alexa: 19,632 (3/10).

The XVid: - Funny and sexy videos. Alexa: 268,162 (3/10).

Yahoo Live: - Broadcasts live video rather than recorded clips.

Yahoo Music: - Awesome features many music videos. Does not seem to support sharing of music videos.

Yahoo Video: - Yahoo's answer to Google Video. 390 million videos viewed each month (4.3% market share, #2). 35.3 million unique viewers (July 2007). Search:

You Are TV: - Motto: The best independent films, shows, and videos online. Channels include action/adventure, animation, comedy, documentary, drama, experimental, family, foreign, horror, independent, kids, mockumentary, music, news, visitor/places, reality, romance, sci-fi/fantasy, sports, tech, and thrillers. I'm not impressed with its video player. Alexa: 457,668 (3/10).

You Charades: - Users can upload or download videos of charades and also guess the charades of the current videos. Alexa: 6,445,282 (3/10). - A Chinese video-sharing website with 18% of the China market.

You Lyrics: - permits you to watch YouTube music videos along with the lyrics to the song. Search by song title or artist. Alexa: no data (3/10).

YouPorn: - A hard-core sex video-sharing website with 15 million visitors per month. It is the number one adult site in the world. Generates $120,000 in income per month. Alexa: 62 (3/10).

YouTube: - The biggest video-sharing website now owned by Google. 2.4 billion videos viewed each month on YouTube (a 27% market share). 82 million unique viewers (July 2008). This is the most important and influential video-sharing website. The one you must use to share every video you make. Note: YouTube does not allow videos longer than 10 minutes. Google page rank of 8. Alexa global rank: 3 in March 2010.

Endless YouTube: - permits you to play the same YouTube video over and over again.

Two YouTube Videos: - permits you to play two YouTube videos at once and mix the audio tracks (and record the result).

Tube to Tone: - Converts YouTube videos into ring tones for your cellphone. Simply enter the URL of any YouTube video and click search.

TubeSort: - permits you to set up a song play list of YouTube music videos. You can play your music selections in repeat, shuffle, or continuous mode.

YouTube LeanBack: - permits you to view a lot of the peak videos in various categories

YouTube Repeater: - permits you to automatically repeat a video, especially useful for listening to music videos you like.

YouTube Social: - permits anyone to watch, share, and comment on YouTube videos with their friends. Alexa global rank: 267,848 in November 2010.

YouTube Trends: - A blog featuring the current YouTube trends. Useful for finding the latest viral videos.

YTTM: - Makes it simple to search for YouTube videos from the 60's, 70's, etc. You can also add videos from previous years. Alexa global rank: 58,106 in October 2010.

Zoofs: - Collects the peak 42 YouTube videos cited or recommended via Twitter. A very useful tool for spotting up-and-coming hot videos. Alexa global rank: 232,206 in October 2010.

Zango: - An online media company providing consumers with free access to free sought-after videos, games, music, tools, and utilities.

Zannel: - Web and mobile phone social networking site for sharing photos, videos, and blogs. Designed to allow you to share your life in real-time with a photo/video capable mobile phone.

Zentaton: - permits you to link your YouTube video to a PowerPoint presentation and sync them together for a full visual presentation.

Zippy Videos: - A media sharing community. Page rank of 6.

Zocial.TV: - Awesome features trending videos on Twitter and Facebook. A great way to track down some of the hottest new videos.

Zoofs: - Collects the peak 42 YouTube videos cited or recommended via Twitter. A very useful tool for spotting up-and-coming hot videos.

Zoom and Go: - Awesome features travel-related videos. Users can share photos, videos, and reviews of hotels, attractions, and destinations. Awesome features 14,000 travel-related videos. Moto: Live it. Rate it. Shoot it. Share it. Page rank: 5. Alexa global rank: 718,476 in August 2010.

ZuiTube: - Advertises itself as the largest online collection of children's videos, but most videos are sourced from YouTube and then approved by parents and teachers.

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