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Top 100 online payment gateway web list | Trusted payment method url list

Payment Gateway Weblist | Most popular 100 online payment gateway site| Payment method url list | Most trusted payment gateway web list | 100 Excellent Online Payment Systems.

What is online payment method?
Yes, online payment method is one kind of online payment transaction through electronic system. It is more faster than any other transaction. It's possible from millions of miles far from done.

What is payment gateway?
yes, payment gateway is an electronic system where can buyer or seller or visitor can transfer money from one account to another account. Gateway is a technical term which function is translate different network request understandable method. So,payment gateway is one kind of trusted information hand over in securely .

In the virtual world there are more than 60 trusted and reliable payment gateway sites. These web sites are provided online money transfer from one user to anothers users.

Scope of Online Payment Gateway.
1. Fund Transfer to a mail account.
2. Fund Transfer to a bank account.
3. Money withdrawal through credit/debit/ master/visa card.
4. Confirmation/ Acknowledgement check after every transaction.
5. New letter send to the active users.
6. Alert message send to the active users.
7. Refund any valid withdrawal claim.

There are more than seventy 70 trusted payment gateway web list.

PayPal is one of the largest online payment gateway. more than 203 countries allow online payment, web payment through internet. Paypal has a large network over 169 millions people use it.

It allows following service.
Web payment
Online invoice
Fund transfer
Paypal card -debit/credit/master/visa - origin country - Israel

Payoneer is a global web payment gateway.It's remarkable services are

withdrawal money or receive money.
Prepaid card provide (master/visa).
United States / European Union Special Services.
Companies Payment slot Services through payaneer.
Withdrawal through payaneer card globally .
Fund Transfer.
Account transfer.
Others bank account link with payaneer account. - origin country -

Skrill (Moneybookers) - origin country -

Google Checkout (Moneybookers) - origin country -

Alipay is one of the most trustee online web payment gateway in china. Chinese maximum online epayment held through this site. It is become more popular day by day. How do you create or make a transaction from Alipay?. Go to the link.
Alipay - origin country - China, Southeast Asia

Adyen - origin country -

2C2P - origin country - Thailand, Southeast Asia

Amazon Payments - origin country -

Atos origin country - us/home.html - origin country -

Authorize.Net - origin country -

BIPS - origin country - Denmark

BitPay - origin country - United States, Services most countries.

BPAY - origin country - Australia

Braintree (company) https://www.braintreepayments - origin country -

CentUp - origin country -

Creditcall - origin country - United Kingdom, United States

CyberSource - origin country -

DataCash - origin country -

DigiCash - origin country -

Digital River - origin country - Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States

Dwolla - origin country - United States

ecoPayz - origin country -

Edy - origin country -

Elavon : This is a trusted credit card processing payment method.Several services covered like Small Business,Enterprise, Market Solutions,Fanfare Loyalty.It allows

Online Payment Acceptance- Always support user-friendly card payment processing.
Gift & Loyalty Cards-Impress Customer with it's Gift & Loyalty Cards
Credit and Debit Cards- Allow and accept of all kinds of credit card payments. - origin country -

Euronet Worldwide - origin country -

eWAY - origin country - Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom

First Data - origin country - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Flooz - origin country - Now defunct

Fortumo - origin country -

GoCardless - origin country - United Kingdom

Heartland Payment Systems www.heartlandpaymentsystems - origin country - United States

IP Payments - origin country - Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom

Klarna - origin country - Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark

Live Gamer - origin country -

MOLPay - origin country - Malaysia, Southeast Asia

ModusLink - origin country -

MPay - origin country - Thailand

MPP Global Solutions - origin country -

MultiSafePay - origin country - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Neteller - origin country -

Nochex - origin country -

Ogone - origin country -

Paymate - origin country -

Paymentwall - origin country -

PayPoint - origin country -

Paysbuy - origin country - Thailand

PayXpert - origin country -

Payzone - origin country -

Playspan - origin country -

Popmoney - origin country -

Realex Payments - origin country -

Red Dot Payment - origin country - Singapore, Southeast Asia

RuPay - origin country - India

Sage Group - origin country -

Samurai feefighters - origin country -

Stripe (company) - origin country - United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia

Square, Inc. - origin country -

TFI Markets - origin country -

TIMWE - origin country - TransferWise - origin country -

True Money - origin country - Thailand

Ukash - origin country -

VeriFone - origin country -

Vindicia - origin country -

WebMoney - origin country - Russia

WePay - origin country -

Wirecard - origin country -

WorldPay - origin country -

Xsolla - origin country -


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